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Adjustable Pulpit Arc2 -70cm/28" wide - anti reflective film

About this adjustable pulpit for sale:

This is the adjustable version of the 70cm/28” wide Arc2 pulpit with an anti reflective film.

Suitable for use by people in wheelchairs or people who are very tall. After proving to be an engineering challenge, this lectern has five different height positions and a special anti slip mechanism, which means it won’t slip down, even if it is not tightened properly. It is the lightest adjustable pulpit in its class and can be lifted with one (strong) hand. This pulpit comes with anti reflective film. Click here for more information on anti reflective film. 

More about this adjustable pulpit for sale:

We enjoyed the challenge of trying to get 2 curved tubes to slide within one another, even though it proved to be difficult.

Then a second problem arose, where we needed to develop a non-slip adjustment mechanism to avoid the annoying problem of the pole slipping down mid-sermon. This mechanism needed to be strong and reliable, even over many years of use.

So after a large amount of research and development, we came up with a special clicking mechanism. It is a mechanism that will still be dependable after years of use (unlike most adjustable lecterns). We also invested significant time and money reengineering all the parts to make them as light as possible. In particular, we developed a new base. It is extra stable and rigid yet not as heavy and very stable on uneven surfaces. This result is that this base is only 1.8kg/4pounds heavier than the regular Arc2.
All in all, the Adjustable Arc looks still retains to beauty and style of the regular Arc2 but has been precision engineered with it’s own parts. Essentially, they are very different but still look the same. This pulpit is the perfect solution for the very small or very tall. Or if you simply want to have an adjustable option.
It is only available in the 70cm/28” version. Easy assembly, tool provided. If purchasing this pulpit, you may wish to consider buying a cover (see in the "you might be interested in" section below) which will help to prolong the life of the pulpit top, when not in use. A cover is essential if the lectern is going to be moved around, as it helps to prevent scratches and dust. 

Proudly Australian made.

Adj 70ar
Adjustable Pulpit Arc2 -70cm/28" wide - anti reflective film



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