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We make church pulpits for sale.

Our pulpits are designed for contemporary, modern churches. This is our site for our New Zealand customers who are paying by EFT (internet transfer) to our NZ bank account.

For other countries see the links on the right hand side (at the bottom of the page for mobile phone users). For NZ customers wanting to pay by credit card, you will need to use our Australian website (in Australian dollars). However, if you are in NZ, you will be better off by using this website and paying by EFT/ internet transfer.

Why is this?
-if you pay by credit card on our Australian website ( you will be paying in AUD. Your NZ bank may charge you a 'foreign transaction fee'. This can be anything from 1-3%.
- the prices in NZD on this website are calculated at a slightly better rate than if you were to work out the conversion that your bank would give you. We get charged a fee by the credit card companies if you pay by card. So- these prices are slightly cheaper because you are paying by eft/ internet transfer.
-I grew up in NZ so I am trying to help you.

How does it work?
1. You order on this website.
2. An invoice email will be sent to you
3. pay by EFT/ internet transfer/ bank deposit into our NZ bank account.
4. We send your pulpit to you

We are based in Sydney Australia- why have a dedicated NZ website?- well a lot of our customers are from NZ, and importantly I (Stephen Procter) am from New Zealand too. Leo Sandy who is in charge of production, is also a Kiwi. I remember the struggle trying to order things from overseas (like parts for our Sinclair spectrum computer- remember those?).
I grew up in Wellington, and studied Industrial design at Victoria University. This is despite coming from a long line of accountants. My father was an accountant, my grandfather was an accountant, my brother is an accountant, you get the idea.

Anyway, sending pulpits from Australia to NZ works very well. Australia and the NZ have a free trade agreement (In fact I remember learning about the original Australia- NZ free trade agreement (CER) at school in the eighties. Now it is called ANZCERTA or CERTA). The system is very efficient with pre-clearing of airfreight with NZ customs and some other tricks to make it smooth. Impressively it is faster for us to ship our church pulpits to NZ destinations, than to the far areas of Australia

Please order on this website- or if you find internet shopping for a pulpit a bit daunting, please e-mail or call us (remember the time difference- we are about 2 hours behind you). We will be happy to e-mail you a manual invoice. You are spending a lot of money so if you would like to us to refer you to churches in NZ that have our pulpits, please let me know.

We have sent many pulpits to NZ, so we have a lot of experience with this. It is our responsibility to get your order to you in good condition, so in the unlikely event that something arrives broken, we will replace it. We know you talk to your friends, so we want your experience to be a good one. We are trying to help the cause of the local church move forward, so most importantly we want you to have a good experience. Most of all we want our products to help your NZ church or ministry.

1. Privacy
-We won't give/ sell your details to anyone.
-We don't keep your details private. Our friend Danny who did this website also works for large corporate customers and insisted on the highest level of security for us.
-We are too busy making pulpits to do a newsletter or e-mail marketing.

2. Payment
You can only pay by EFT (internet transfer) or bank deposit when ordering on this website

(if you would like to pay by credit card (in AUD)- please go to

New Zealand EFT(internet transfer) to ANZ Bank Wellington in NZ dollars:
Account name: Stephen Procter: Account number: 06 0606 0086005 01
-Please include your church name/ invoice number in the payers details.
-If convenient, please e-mail us to let us know when you have made the payment.

3. Timing
-Standard air freight (sent every Tuesday and Thursday) takes about 4-7 days.
-Express air freight (this is normally sent immediately) takes about 2-4 days.
See the 'How to Buy' page on our website for more details.
-We send by airfreight using Fedex or TNT. This is door to door. We try to make it as easy as possible (we know you are going to tell your friends about it!).
-We will e-mail tracking when your order is sent.
- See the bottom of this page for more details on Freight Prices and Freight Times.

4. Duties and taxes- NZ
Australia and the NZ have a free trade agreement. It is one of the longest standing modern free trade agreements. Originally called CER. Now it is called ANZCERTA (or CERTA for short).
NZ customs may charge you 2 clearance style fees. These will total about NZD 30-60.
We do not charge you Australian GST (exports from Australia are GST free).
NZ customs may charge NZ GST. Currently 15%.
This can of course be claimed from the IRD at the end of your GST reporting period (if you are a church or business).
(I once had a summer job working on GST at the IRD- so I am very familiar with NZ GST)
The prospect of NZ customs adding 15% to your order can be a bit scary, but mostly it is not that much, and as a church or business you can normally claim it back anyway.

5. Terms and Conditions
-Payment due before goods are sent.
-Goods will become wholly the property of the purchaser when full payment has cleared.
-Every effort has been made to ensure our products are safe to use, however as our products are used in circumstances beyond our control, we cannot accept any liability for the product or consequences of the use of the product.

6. Packing
The box is long and thin with a handle hole (see picture at the top of this page).
Our church lecterns pack flat. This makes them cheaper to send and avoids damage in transit (can you imagine how big the box would need to be if they didn't pack down?- there would be so much air!). The box is surprisingly small. It is 104cm / 41" long x 8cm/ 3 " wide x 52cm/ 21" high. A lectern in a box is approximately 12kg. Our church pulpits and tables are easy to assemble. A Korean customer once mentioned that the person assembling theirs couldn't read the instructions (they couldn't speak english), but had it assembled in 9 minutes.

If you are attending the Hillsong conference, Colour conference, Hillsong mens conference or are otherwise in Sydney, let us know. We can arrange to get one of our church lecterns to you, so you can check it in for your return flight. Because the box has a handle, they are easy to take with you.

7. Countries other than NZ

USA customers:
UK customers:
New Zealand:
Australia and rest of the world:

We make our pulpits in Australia!
Please order from

We suggest you order from
-Duties: Australia has a free trade agreement with the USA (AUSFTA), so we do not expect there to be any duty charged by US customs. To our knowledge, none of our numerous US customers have been charged duty.
-Sales tax: we don’t charge sales tax. US customs may want to charge it (on behalf of your state).
-If you are a church: to avoid state sales tax, you may need to mention your sales tax exemption number if you have one. If you have it easily available, please include this in the comments section above or e-mail this to us (then we can include it on the customs declaration). It is mostly not needed, but can be helpful just in case.
-If you are a business: you may need to pay sales tax, but you can claim it back like you would other sales tax expenses when you do your tax return.
-If buying as an individual: you may need to pay it.
We find it is rare however, that customers need to pay sales tax.

We suggest you order from
The Australian dollar and Canadian dollar are normally very close in value.
If you prefer, you can still order from in USD.
Either way, your order will be sent from Australia.
You may need to pay Canadian GST (about 5%) to the Canadian government. You can normally claim this back from the government at tax time (as you would for other things you buy)

UK/European Union
We suggest you order from
We have a small UK office.
If you are in the UK or Europe, you can order or our UK website or from from our Australian website (,
If you order from, your order will be sent out from Australia. In this case you may be charged VAT or sales tax (Mehrwertsteuer etc). This is charged by your government. Unfortunately this is out of our control, so you will need to pay it.
If you order from and you are in the UK, your order will be sent out from the UK, so you will not be charged VAT.
If you order from and you are in the EU, your order will be sent out from the UK, so in 99% of cases, you will not be charged sales tax.

Other European countries (not EU) (for example Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland)
You can order from or
You will probably be charged sales tax by your government.

Other countries; Singapore, HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria+ Africa, South Africa, South America (Argentina/ Brazil/ Chilie/ Mexico)
We suggest you order from (price in Australian Dollars)
If you prefer, you can still order from (prices in US dollars)
South American countries sometimes have high duties/ taxes. If you have questions about this please contact us.
Many South American churches order from or We then send their pulpit to the USA (to a friend). They collect it and take it back by plane or car.

High duty countries- are you visiting NZ, Australia, or the UK? or do you have a friend in the USA?
Because of the Australia has free trade agreements, it works very well sending pulpits from Australia to NZ, the USA and many other countries. However if you are from South America, Africa, or another country with high duties, you might want to take it with you. Many customers also take pulpits with them home from Australia or the UK. Other customers get their pulpit sent to a friend in the USA, then collect it from there. This works well because the box is easy to carry and not heavy. 99% of the time your government won't charge duties/ taxes at the airport. We have many customers who do this. We always travel with pulpits when going overseas.

Freight Prices

To NZ To NZ-Express
$0-100 total order NZD $50 NZD $75
$100-500 total order NZD $70 NZD $90
$500+ total order NZD $100 NZD $150

Freight Times

Standard air freight 4-7 days
Express air freight 2-4 days
- Orders are sent every Tuesday and Friday. This will affect the freight time.
   For example, if you order on a Friday afternoon, your order may not go out until the following Tuesday.
- NZ customs is normally very quick, but it may occasionally take extra time to clear customs.
- Freight times are a guide only. Actual times may vary.

tel +61 2 9718 0804

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